Why Choose Us?

There’s a feeling you get when you know you’ve made a sound decision.

That feeling is comfort. Its peace of mind and it’s calm. And when you’re about to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into building a new house, that feeling is utterly priceless.

Unique Housing is a family owned and operated business. Our reputation and ongoing success depend upon the way we treat our clients and the quality of the product we deliver. Our aim is to provide reassurance and confidence so that you feel happy to get on with your busy life while we take care of everything on the construction site.

Attention to detail and service excellence are the trademarks of Unique Housing. Read our testimonials and you’ll see we’re true to our word.

Here’s what makes us the proud family building company we are today:

  • Respect – Mutual respect makes for a harmonious working relationship. We respect your goals, wishes and dreams and will work to bring them to fruition.
  • Experience – More than 24 years in the building industry.
  • Hard work – We’re on the tools and in the office, overseeing every aspect of every project.
  • Quality workmanship – We deliver a high standard of workmanship throughout construction.
  • Lockyer Valley specialists – As locals ourselves, we know the area, the lay of the land, the weather and environmental aspects and the local planning and subdivision regulations.
  • Trusted trades – We’ve worked with many of our subcontractors for many years. We know and trust their work.
  • Financially secure – Our financials are strong and well managed so you are assured that your investment is safe.
  • Fully licensed and registered – Our regulatory license (QBCC) and association memberships (HIA) are all in order. We believe in full accountability.
  • Fully insured – Our insurances are in place to protect all parties.
  • Personal values – We are honest, reliable and fully transparent.
  • Safety focused – A safe work site is paramount for us, our workers, subcontractors, neighbours, clients and anyone else who needs to enter the site on business.
  • Deadlines – We set realistic progress goals and make every effort to meet them with due consideration for safety and quality.
  • Fixed price contracts – Our quotes are fully transparent and there are never any hidden charges.
  • Flexible – As custom house builders, we are always happy to accommodate your desires.
  • No pressure – You are always in charge of your decision to enter into a contract.
  • In-house project management – We don’t outsource our project management because we prefer to know every detail of every job ourselves.

“It is great to know that Nathan and the same team of sub-contractors do the work on each home thus ensuring that the quality is consistent.”
 Terry & Rose, Gatton

Whilst there are plenty of new house builders to choose from in the Lockyer Valley and throughout southeast Queensland, we invite you to make contact with us to decide for yourself if we are the right builders for you.